G. Michael Chippendale, Ph.D.
29 S. 9th Street, Suite 209, Columbia, Missouri 65201


R. Michael Roberts, Ph.D., Curators’ Professor of Animal Sciences and former Director Bond Life Sciences Center, University of Missouri, Columbia

“The Life Sciences Center as it exists today owes more to Mike Chippendale than to any other university employee.”

Charles S. Cassias, Jr. FAIA, Principal BNIM Architects, Kansas City, MO

“When I think about the Bond Life Sciences Center the first person who comes to mind is Mike Chippendale. Without question Mike was the project’s champion. In my role as Architect of Record, I had the opportunity to work closely with Mike for six years during the programming and design of the project and also throughout its construction and commissioning. I was fortunate to be involved with the project during the initial operations of the Center when the scientific community was beginning its collaborative research in the new Center. During this time, I saw the full extent of Mike’s passion for his work as he welcomed these newly formed research teams into their new facilities – with all the pride of a new father. During the initial stages of the project – long before the design team was involved – Mike was making others believe the project “could indeed happen”, he was busy building consensus among his colleagues across the University. He was selling a new idea; a place where interdisciplinary, collaborative research would be the rule. Mike kept the project moving forward, calmly shepherding it at times when others said it could not be done. Ultimately, as the Building Committee’s Chair, Mike led a very collaborative programming and design effort - consistent with the facility’s stated mission - that sought to find new ways to encourage interdisciplinary research. He was never satisfied with the status quo – he wanted the outcome to be a compelling new hub for life sciences research that would set new standards. His colleagues from six colleges came together under his leadership to forge a strong bond and common purpose. Mike worked closely with the users, University administration, the campus facility staff, and the design team. He was the glue that held us all together; he was pliable when flexibility was called for and firm when conditions needed clear, decisive direction. He helped us all create a remarkable building that exceeded everyone’s expectations and was completed on time and within budget. The Center has been in operation since 2004. A large part of its success is directly due to Mike Chippendale’s vision, passion and leadership.”

Gregory Blackburn, AIA, LEEDAP, Principal, Anshen + Allen Architects,
San Francisco, CA

“I thank you for the significant leadership role you played in the planning and designing of the Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center at the University of Missouri. Through your leadership and contributions, the process employed in planning and designing this interdisciplinary center was one of the most intellectually stimulating and rewarding in my 20+ years of architectural practice. A significant aspect contributing to this successful outcome was the synergist role you played in connecting campus stakeholders and end-users in a collaborative and inclusive working process throughout the planning and design stages of the project. You brought relevant know1edge, insights and enthusiasm to the design process, ultimately resulting in a new model for interdisciplinary research, a focal point for exchanges between faculty and students, and a signature building for the campus. This collaborative process was successful in uniting stakeholders around a common vision and in stimulating the interdisciplinary exchange and development of ideas intended for the research to be conducted in the Center. Your steadfast vision and leadership brought participants together and caused them to begin collaborating, a good two years before they were able to occupy the completed building.”

Rick Heinz, AIA, Principal and Vice–President, Research Facilities Design (RFD),
San Diego, CA

“I was pleased and privileged to work for several years with Dr. Mike Chippendale, who served as the Building Committee Chair for the Bond Life Sciences Center at the University of Missouri. My firm, Research Facilities Design, provided laboratory programming and design services throughout the entire project. In this role, I had the opportunity to work closely with Mike through many rounds of programming and detailed design meetings with the Building Committee and the user groups slated to occupy the new building. Mike helped to organize and lead these meetings with a steady hand, offering keen insight and promoting a participatory environment leading to consensus. He actively sought the input of all design team and Building Committee members to address the key ‘big picture’ issues without overlooking the smaller details. Mike also led presentations in numerous Executive Committee meetings, effectively communicating key issues and relevant features in order to facilitate understanding of the project. Throughout the entire project, Mike was an exceptional liaison with the architectural/engineering design team, respecting the roles and input of each team member. I highly recommend Mike for any consulting role requiring leadership, insight and user-advocacy.”